LOST: Has anyone seen my immune system?

Those bloody White Blood Cells (WBCs). They’ve yo-yoed over the last few months, dropping low and then miraculously returning to almost normal, but they haven’t let me down yet… well, until this round of treatment. I was feeling good about starting this round (Round 5, 9th treatment) – dropped Ivy off as normal, stopped for a coffee and walked into the Ward waving hello to … Continue reading LOST: Has anyone seen my immune system?

Catherine = 1; Cancer = 0

Since my last post it’s been a cocktail of various hospital appointments – where I was moaning of hospital fatigue before, it’s definitely turned up a notch now! Between blood tests and clinic reviews, interim PET scan and results, postnatal appointment at the exotically named endoanal clinic (too much information?) and dermatology consultation for a suspected basal cell carcinoma on my head (much easier to … Continue reading Catherine = 1; Cancer = 0